How to Find the Best Data Room Alternatives

Data rooms are crucial for smooth M&As and other deals. They allow teams to securely store large quantities of files and access them from multiple devices. With the right features, they allow teams to collaborate on projects without having manage multiple platforms or worry about losing data within an email inbox. They can protect sensitive information with 256-bit AES as well as a firewall, and cloud backups.

To find the best options for your data storage requirements, you should look over the features each service has to offer. Some have advanced features like redaction, which blacks out specific areas of a file so personally-identifiable information stays private, and fence view, which covers the screen with a digital view that prevents screenshotting. Other security certifications include ISO 27001, SOC 1/2/3 GDPR, HIPAA. Multi-factor authentication, audit trail and a customizable non-disclosure agreement are additional features worth considering.

A reliable data room alternative is one that offers a robust suite of collaboration tools. These include the word processor, presentation software, and spreadsheet program. It should also come with a generous storage capacity and support for different file formats. It should also allow users to set up groups with varying access privileges and include a customized watermark.

Another option worth considering is Clinked It is a complete virtual data room solution. It provides the usual VDR features, such as drag-and-drop as well as bulk uploads and workflow management. However, it also includes social media integration, knowledge management, and document management. It also comes with a no-cost trial, with 15GB of storage and basic sharing capabilities.

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